… and it’s awesome! Moon Animate Make-Up is a crowd sourced project and a true labor of love for the 90’s series.

In the spirit of Bill Plympton’s Guard Dog Global Jam and James Harvey’s BartkiraMoon Animate Make-Up is an animation project where every participating artist will animate one shot of an entire twenty-two minute episode of Sailor Moon.

Moon Animate Make-Up! Tumblr

The project’s instigator chose the English Dub of Season 1, Episode 38: Fractious Friends.

This episode comes late in Sailor Moon’s first season, but it’s a great stand-alone episode that features all five of the original Sailors, focuses on the group’s dynamic in working together and holds up on its own without needing to know too much about what’s going on

Moon Animate Make-Up Gif

Moon Animate Make-Up / Youtube Capture

Animators recreated a given part of the episode in their own styles using the medium and technique of their choice. Some even had a bit of fun adding some great visual puns and easter eggs throughout the episode. The result is an beautiful mesh of all animation styles coming together to renew our love for the cartoon that marked our childhood. And it’s funny as heck too 😉