Girls on Games is a video game and geek culture blog operating out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Created in early 2011 by Leah Jewer and Catherine Smith-Desbiens, Girls on Games has quickly become Montreal’s premiere English news source for video game reviews, behind the scenes content, event coverage, editorials and industry spotlights and interviews.

Our Mantra

At Girls on Games, we pride ourselves in being a welcoming community for all gamers. We are an inclusive, pro-equality, pro-diversity and anti-discriminatory brand and that is to be reflected in both the behavior of our staff members, contributors and Stream Team members as well as the content we produce at all times. For more information please take a look at our Code of Journalistic Ethics.

What We Do


Games, consoles, hardware, software, accessories... You name it, we tried it and we have an opinion on it. Our fans value our feedback and often solicit our thoughts on various products and services. We try to go beyond the typical review that tend to categorize and label its subject and instead, present it in a way that will let our readers decide if it suits their taste and/or needs.

Industry News:

Thanks to a media relationship with key players in the industry, Girls on Games has access to the latest news: announcements, trailers, releases, delays... Nothing gets past us.


We meet influencers, content creators, streamers, industry members, cosplayers, etc. If someone is making waves in geek culture, we want to hear their story. We have interviewed Baby Metal, Papa Roach, P.K. Subban, Naomi Kyle, Denis Talbot, Voyce, Michael Mando, Elias Toufexis, Amber Goldfarb, Mark Meer, ProJared, Stephanie Harvey, Yaya Han, Kamui, Meg Turney, Jessica Nigri and more!

Behind the Scenes Reports and Media Events:

We are on the guest list for major industry events from exclusive previews with major publishers to large scale conventions like Comiccon. Not only do we get to try the games first, we also meet with members of the video game world, from developers to players and everything in between.

Event Hosting and Guest Appearances:

We actively share our passion for gaming by taking part in events or by making guest appearances. We’ve contributed to several Comiccon panels whether it be organizing, MC’ing and/or being a panelist. We’ve written guest posts for blogs, talked Montreal geek culture on television and radio, hosted events such as The Creators Night and have been special guests on podcasts.

Special Themed Posts:

Girls on Games creates engaging themed content to enrich our fans’ lifestyle such as guides to surviving large scale conventions, a list of the best geek spots in the city or even decor suggestions for the Holidays.

Viral Content:

These are not your average cat videos. We lighten the mood with the best geeky viral posts.


In our weekly podcast, we tackle the latest news and hottest topics. We broadcast live on Twitch once a week and take audience question through text chat. All episodes are made available on iTunes and YouTube the following day so our fans may tune in at their convenience.

Twitch Stream Team:

Girls on Games has a dedicated team of women and men who love to stream games and share their experience with our viewership. A weekly schedule includes the GoGCast, live game play and fan interaction with our stream team.

Custom Promotional Content:

We love to make content that helps promote games and geek culture! We have worked with Nintendo, Ubisoft and more to create specialty content that highlights their unique offerings.

On-Air Special Events:

Thanks to our relationship with CHOM 97 7, Girls on Games invites industry personalities in studio to talk gaming and music. We promote listeners participation with online multiplayer matches and on-air giveaways.

And so much more...

We promote gaming and geek culture events, we take part in fundraisers like Extra Life, we follow e-sports... We basically eat, drink and breathe gaming.

Meet The Team

What started as a two women operation is now driven by a team of passionate content creators. Every member of the team uses their skill set and expertise to expand Girls on Games’ offering. We take pride in making Girls on Games a source for quality content and an integral part of the Montreal gaming community.