Girls on Games started as the blogging project of Cat and Leah. Today, it’s a weekly gaming news and review podcast called the GoGCast and a growing welcoming community of gamers.

Portrait artwork by @drawwithbibi

Meet the voices behind the GoGCast

Catherine Smith-Desbiens

Panelist, Co-founder of Girls on Games

Catherine is a Digital Designer turned Game Dev who started gaming and dabbling with computers at the tender age of 5. She since traded DOS commands for HTML/CSS and NES games for RPGs. She also has a healthy love of cooking, cartoons, movies and music.

Leah Jewer

Host, Co-founder of Girls on Games

Leah is a Newfie-transplant who obtained her B.F.A and M.F.A. in graphic design from Concordia University and Savannah College of Art and Design. A true gamer from early on, she hasn't stop playing since the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System. She's a hardcore geek, a Trekker (as in Star Trek, not the 'walking over long distance' thing) and lover of rock and roll.

Simon Marcoux

Panelist, GoGCast Producer

Simon is passionate about technology, gaming and geek culture. Although he’s mostly into PC gaming and everything that surrounds it, he’s dabbled into all forms of it, from handhelds to tabletops. You can usually find him lurking countless Twitch channels until the early morning lights.

Alicia Alexandra

Panelist, Community Manager

Alicia Alexandra is a Canadian expat, community manager and ex-partnered streamer who currently lives in the suburbs of Seattle. She is Girls on Games' resident Xbox super-fan and when she's not unlocking Achievements she spends her time reading 80's fantasy novels, cooking and re-watching the Office.

Joelle Anderson


Joelle has been a video game enthusiast since she could overwrite her brother's save files on the SNES. She is a Project Manager in the southern neighboring state of Minnesota and has a healthy backlog of PC (self-built - humble brag), Switch, and PS5 games. She loves the outdoors, cooking, reading and writing. Stay comfy and game on!