Summer in Montreal means warm weather, 5 @ 7 on terrasses and of course, music! From street performers to festival season and the tam tams of Mount Royal, this city hosts great musical events. In this series, we explore the extensive lineup of artists visiting Montreal this summer and sniff out the ones that are featured in video games. You’ve heard the songs over and over again, now is your chance to hear them live.

You might need earplugs for this instalment of the Gamer’s Music Guide because we’re heading back to Parc Jean-Drapeau for Heavy Montréal. Check which bands in the line-up contributed to video game soundtracks.

Saturday, August 9th

Monster Truck
Scène Molson Canadian – 12:30pm
Sweet Mountain River
Rocksmith 2014 (2013)

Three Days Grace
Scène Heavy – 4pm
I Hate Everything About You
Rocksmith DLC (2011)

Dropkick Murphys
Scène Molson Canadian – 4:45pm
The Boys Are Back
NHL 14 (2013)

Scène Molson Canadian – 6:15pm
I’m Alive
NHL 12 (2011)

The Offspring
Scène Heavy – 7:15pm
Days Go By
NHL 13 (2012)

Scène Molson Canadian – 9h15pm
Enter The Sandman
Rock Band (2007)

Sunday, August 10th

Twisted Sister
Scène Molson Canaidan – 7pm
We’re Not Gonna Take It
Rocksmith DLC (2011)

Scène Molson Canadian – 9:15pm
War Ensemble
Rocksmith 2014 (2013)

Although one of their song has yet to be featured on a video game soundtrack, I’d like to give a special mention to Baby Metal. They’re a Cute Metal band coming all the way from Japan. Cute Metal is a mix JPop with metal. It’s hard to explain. You need to see for yourself:

They’ll be performing on Scène Heavy on Saturday at 1:15pm. Leah and I will be in attendance to see this band in all their glory.