Google’s master plan to apparently own everything has come one step closer to conclusion a few days ago with the acquisition of online video game streaming website The move doesn’t really come as a surprise though, since Google already demonstrated interest a few months ago. The amount of money paid though, is said to be 1 billion dollars. Yes, with a B. Considering they paid 1.65billion for Youtube back in 2006, I think it shows that Google realizes the great potential in streaming (and ad revenue, *wink wink*) that Twitch has. Now, is this a good news or bad news for gamers?

Google has been renowned lately to have absolutely zero tolerance over copyright infringement, especially when it comes to video games and music. Since Twitch is mostly a video game streaming website, it will be interesting to see what sort of rules they might impose.

Oh and they’ll probably shove Google+ down our throats.