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Montreal native, femme-fatale, and rising star Amber Goldfarb, who has been featured in Lost Girl, King, Murdoch Mysteries, Helix and the award winning web series Guidestones (that was recently picked up by CTV) is not opposed to being a female actress in what one would consider a largely male dominated business.

Science fiction and fantasy related film, television and gaming seems to be her forte, and although it’s largely dominated by male producers, actors and directors; being a woman in a male-driven industry doesn’t worry her in the least. Goldfarb explained that the “market shows differently in regards to viewership.” In fact, she explained that while “the numbers are still such that video games, film and TV are heavily male dominated industries in terms of how they’re made; more and more studies are showing that women watch more TV than men, buy more tickets and constitute almost half of gamers.”

Assassin's Creed III: Liberation HD © Ubisoft

Amber Goldfarb is the actress behind Aveline de Grandpré, the protagonist in Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation. Image © Ubisoft

In terms how women are represented in sci-fi films and TV shows, Goldfarb has noticed that “a lot of them represent women well.” She continued by stating that although she is no expert in filmography, she was “very impressed with the female cast on Helix,” the sci-fi television show she currently plays Jaye in (a figment of another female characters imagination). “I was struck by how the series regulars Kyra Zagorsky and Jordan Hayes play strong, intelligent women. The writers did a great job of writing three-dimensional characters for them and the actresses filled those roles beautifully.”

Amber Goldfarb as Jaye on Helix

Amber Goldfarb as Jaye on Helix. Source:

Goldfarb maintained that although she is “no expert on the subject” she thinks “we still have a long way to go.” In her perspective “it’s frustrating that there are still far fewer roles for women. I definitely hope that changes in my lifetime. I’ve only worked with 3 female directors. I hope I get to work with many more.”

When I asked Goldfarb why she chose roles in science fiction, fantasy and gaming, she humbly stated, “I didn’t choose it- it chose me. I’m very glad it did though.”

And you know what Amber? So are we!


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