While you can’t always carry your favorite hobbies with you, you can carry them on your iPod thanks to some very creative (and geeky) musicians. Here are a few artists fueled by a love of dice, comics and video games, all of which are worth checking out the next time your music library needs an update:

Adam WarRock

Adam WarRock is a two-time SXSW performer with an extensive collection of pop culture fueled albums and singles under his belt. Whether he’s singing the praises of the X-Men’s heroines or releasing a mixtape about Magic: The Gathering, his catchy lyrics will have you singing in no time.


Songhammer is a heavy rock band inspired by MMO and fantasy culture. After winning the BlizzCon 2011 song-writing contest, Songhammer embarked on their own epic quest to create a full-length fantasy-inspired album and badass music video for their single ‘Death is on the Way’.

The Doubleclicks

The Doubleclicks are a sister-duo from Portland who, with the help of their trusty cello, guitar and ukelele, have penned fun folk-pop songs about Dungeons and Dragons, Wonderwoman and everything in between. Their latest album, Dimetrodon, was funded via an extremely successful Kickstarter earlier this year.

Professor Shyguy

Professor Shyguy is one of the most popular chip tune artists out there. With songs like ‘Mining Craft’, ‘Han Shot First’ and ‘Guilded Love’ (based on the popular webseries) his newest album Rated Heart is filled with great, upbeat music perfect for any marathon gaming session.

Put those headphones in and enjoy!