Finding a common theme in media can make taking on new interests a lot easier to get into and connect with. That’s why we started Beyond Console. We’ll help you explore mediums away from your controller all while keeping it connected to what interests you the most: Gaming!

I spend a lot of time catching up with the webcomics I frequent. Whether it’s cramming updates from 12 different series into a lunch break or working my way through entire archives over a lazy Sunday, I love the time I spend with the medium.

While not all of the series I read are video game related, a fair few are. So, I went through my weekly to-be read checklist and picked out a few of the titles I’ve enjoyed to share with you! Starting with:

 The GaMERCat

Gamercat Comic: Teamwork

‘Teamwork’ via The GaMERCat

Why You Should Read: The GaMERCat’s adorable cast of characters are emotive, energetic and perfect for light reading. Looking for a pre-bedtime treat for the little gamer in your life? GaMERCat is sure to please, delight and elicit a few giggles. While grown-up gamers can get a laugh out of the good natured humor and innocent approach to a sometimes stressful hobby. Also, cats.

Looking for Group

Looking for Group Comic

Looking for Group via Looking for Group

Why You Should Read: The letters LFG mean something to MMO veterans and depending on past experiences, those 3 characters can fill the reader with a certain fear. Luckily, reading Looking for Group doesn’t have that effect on people. Filled with typical fantasy game tropes, MMO and RPG fans will find something to level with (beyond it’s namesake.) LFG is a long-running series with multiple arcs, making it a great option for those looking to spend some time working their way through archives.

Awkward Zombie

Awkward Zombie Comic: P-1000

‘P-1000’ via Awkward Zombie

Why You Should Read: Awkward Zombie perfectly captures the awkward, confusing, hilarious moments that frequent gaming and serves them back to your with a healthy dose of dry wit and sarcasm. With a focus on Nintendo’s most popular titles, Awkward Zombie shines a light on the hilarious almost-lives of some of the most beloved game characters out there.

Bonus: Check out Stephanie Brandon’s Girls on Games interview with Awkward Zombie creator, Katie Tiedrich here.


CAD Comic: One-Thousand

‘One-Thousand’ via CTRL-ALT-DEL

Why You Should Read: CTRL-ALT-DEL brings you into the world of best friends Ethan and Lucas, two gamers who, throughout the years, have done everything from founding their own church and holiday to taking up the mantle of superhero duo. Launched in 2002, the characters of CTRL-ALT-DEL have tackled some sensitive real-life issues and impasses, all while indulging their gaming passions. This one isn’t for an all-ages audience, but it’s a great read for a mature crowd.

VG Cats

VG Cats Comic: LoL Logic

‘LoL Logic’ via VG Cats

Why You Should Read: VG Cats is a staple when it comes to video game related webcomics. For over 10 years VG Cats has supplied readers with a steady stream of hilarity in the form of one-shot parody of current gaming news. Oh, and did I mention that the two main characters are cats? The internet loves its cats.

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