The HyperX Cloud is the first headset by Kingston; it was developed in collaboration with peripheral brand QPAD. This headset is sturdy, stylish and affordable. Not to mention it comes with a ton of accessories. Here’s what’s in the box:

Hyper X Cloud Headset - What's in the box. Photo © Kingston

HyperX Cloud Headset – What’s in the box. Photo © Kingston

– 3 meters extension cord
– airline adapter
– 4 pole jack audio adapter
– braided extension cord with in-line controls
– velour ear cups
– carrying pouch
– headset itself complete with leather ear cups and a detachable mic

Compatible with PC, Mac, mobile devices and PS4 using the provided 4 pole adapter. An extra adapter is required for the Xbox One.

Regular Price: $100 – $120
Discounted: $60 -&85
Don’t go over: $130

A quality build that delivers a great performance.

This headset is quite sturdy and is made with metal, leather, memory foam and rubberized plastic. It feels solid even if it’s very lightweight. The wire is braided to ensure longevity. I love the industrial look of the HyperX Cloud. It may seem bulky but it doesn’t feel that way so once you put in on. The clamping force is jut enough to have a good fit without compromising comfort or causing pressure fatigue. The padded leather ear cups are quite comfortable and the oval shape make for a good fit. Noise isolation is great: background noises were muffled without being completely blocked. The audio sound quality is impressive as the 53 mm drivers deliver crisp and clear sounds making this headset a good all-around solution for gaming as well as listening to music.

The microphone is flexible and removable. It delivers a decent sound quality which is good enough for voice chat, video calls and even recording Youtube voice overs. Check out the above video at the 2 minute mark to hear the mic tests: one  using my phone, the other using Premiere.

I’m impressed by the all-around build and performance of the HyperX Cloud considering it is a budget headset.

Kingston Hyper X Cloud Gaming Headset. Photo © Catherine Smith-Desbiens / Girls on Games

Kingston HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset. Photo © Catherine Smith-Desbiens / Girls on Games

All tangled up

The HyperX Cloud is all about wires. Just by the simple fact that the in-line controls are on an extension cord and not on the headset itself adds too much distance between them and the headset. I find them to be out of reach. If you plan on using this headset with your phone and insist on having call controls, you would need to connect the headset to the extension, the extension to the 4 pole audio adapter and finally the adapter to your phone. That is just way too much cabling for on the go. I wish they had made the main cord a bit longer and had sleeker controls directly on the headset or the wire. It would have also eliminated the need to package the HyperX with 2 extension cords.

The perfect budget headset? Maybe for you, but not for me.

There is no denying that the HyperX Cloud is a light and comfortable headset. Unfortunately, it’s not well adapted for my narrow head. Like most headsets, it’s just loose enough for it to slip down and for the band to rest on the apex of my head. The result: all the weight is supported by one tiny spot on the top of my head which gets painful after a few minutes. It’s infuriating because I experienced this with most gaming headsets. As a result, I’ll be either returning or gifting the HyperX Cloud and will be shopping for a replacement. I’m currently looking at the Steelseries Siberia as they are about in the same price range and their hammock-like headband looks like it wouldn’t cause any pressure pain. If you have any suggestions for me, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Kingston Hyper X Cloud Gaming Headset. Photo © Catherine Smith-Desbiens / Girls on Games

Kingston HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset. Photo © Catherine Smith-Desbiens / Girls on Games

A contender for Best in Class

Although the HyperX Cloud wasn’t right for me, I still think this is one of the better headsets in this price range. Considering not only the build quality but also the performance it delivers and all the accessories that are included, Kingston’s HyperX Cloud is definitely a great value.