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This week’s question: What In-Game Food Item Would You Most Like to Try?

Catherine Smith-Desbiens:

“Maybe it’s because my main was a priest and my alt a mage, but I’ve always wondered how some of the drinks in World of Warcraft taste. Like the Sweet Nectar, Moonberry Juice or the Morning Glory Dew. I’d skip the Pungent Seal Whey though.”


“A potion. Doesn’t have to be any in particular, but they always look bright a fruity. I imagine any red one would taste like that super sweet fruit punch and a blue one would taste like blue Gatorade. Oh and then it instantly heals you. Buckley’s cough syrup doesn’t do that and it tastes terrible. LOL”


“There are just so many good answers to this question; Pac-Man’s tablets, anything you cook in WoW, Dinosaur Steaks in Monster Hunter (talk about gamey). I have a bit of an odd response to this one: The legendary health/mana potions.

The health potion is an item featured in just about every game with a life bar in it. Each time I’ve encountered it,  I’ve always had the same morbid curiosity when it comes to this iconic brew: What does it taste like?

Is the taste similar to Buckley’s, and our heroes are forcing this substance down their throats in only the most dire moments, screwing up their faces in disgust temporarily while battling evil? Do people only buy it when they need them most to conserve money, or because it tastes like raw hamburger meat mixed with mint and a truck load of lemons?

On the reverse side, does it taste so good that it can be addictive? Are heroes stocking up on it and binge drinking potions? Are there mana junkies getting hooked to sweet body-mending concoctions? As well, what does drinking too many restoratives do to your body? Does it ruin the liver? Does it increase your muscle mass all on it’s own? These are the questions that kept me out of the good schools.

Finally, does a health potion provide sustenance? We see Link in The Legend of Zelda take what seems to be a 3 year journey with nothing to eat but health potions. Are they filling enough to live on?”

Catherine Ashley:

“Hmm. Well, it’s a tie. I’ve always wanted to either try Strange Meat from Fallout 3 or munch down into a big bowl of Mammoth Cheese from Skyrim. I feel as if the Strange Meat would taste something like that delicious meat-stuffs you get off the food carts in NYC, but in irradiated human form. As for the Mammoth Cheese… I picture it as cheddar-cheesey cottage cheese. Also, if the giants are able to be sustained by it, I guess it would do wonders for me. But in all honesty, the minute you put food in my face, whether in pixelated-form or not, I want to eat it.”


“I’m going to choose a boring answer and say I’d like to try anything that my Sims have whipped up. Once I maxed out their cooking skill, they made some pretty tasty looking dishes (especially the Key Lime Pie). The desserts looked pretty appetizing and my Sims looked really satisfied after eating their creations.”


“As you might know, I’ve played quite a bit of World of Warcraft in my lifetime. One of the secondary professions your character can learn in World of Warcraft, is cooking. So, it would make sense that my food item comes from there. But that also brings up another problem, there are over 100 recipes in the game, making almost impossible to find THE one I would love to taste. But if I had to choose, it would have to be making a plate from the Noodle Cart. I mean look at that! Steaming hot noodles and all the fixings you can think of. You get to choose what you want to put in there and mix up the best plate ever. Mmmm. Oh god, I’m hungry.”

Alicia Alexandra:

“I absolutely adore games that have cooking skills or professions because the fruits of your labor always end up having the most delicious looking item art or icons. Lately, I’ve been sinking (way too many) hours into Fantasy Life as I level my life as a Cook, making all kinds of mouthwatering dishes along the way. If I had to pick one to pluck from the screen of my 3DS though it would probably have to be Fantasy Life’s Glorious Dinner, which is described as being “a dish served at the table of the gods.” Num! 

So, what virtual food would you most like to chow down on? Let us know in the comment section below or on Facebook and Twitter.