Welcome to Party Chat, the weekly Q&A where the Girls on Games team answer the pressing (and not so pressing) how, why and what-if’s of the gaming universe.

This week’s question comes from reader Craig Koban:

“I’m enjoying his series thus far. I think you fine folks should cover favorite video game weapon of all-time next! Could be a gooder! Keep up the superb articles.”


“I had this answer down to five frustrating finalists (heh) but in the end it can only come down to one.

I had to bit my tongue and refuse to choose the Master Sword and RYNO V (Rip Ya a New One… Come on… Classic). It was then that the winner was clear: The Dagger of Time!

I know that Prince of Persia is an obvious story against abusing the powers of time to fix your problems (they took 3 games to shove that point across, and then decided to release Forgotten Sands for… Reasons?), but think of the good you could do with those few extra seconds; saving someone from a nasty accident, stopping a mugging, etc…

The Prince of Persia series is near and dear to my heart, and the beauty of the Dagger of Time is that it’s not just a weapon, but a tool to do good in the world as well if used and not abused.”

Alicia Alexandra:

“My favorite in-game weapons tend to be the biggest, heaviest, prettiest melee weapons available. If I had to narrow it down. it would be a toss up between World of Warcraft’s two-handed mace the Hammer of the Naaru and Fable II’s Hammerthyst. Skull cracking with a side order of sparkly.”


“A rocket launcher. It’s big, it blows things up and that makes me happy.”

Catherine Smith-Desbiens:

“Bow and arrow or a sniper gun. Basically, I love long range stealth. I played a sniper rogue in Skyrim, I’m playing a similar character in Dragon Age: Inquisition, I’m a pro with the bow in every The Legend of Zelda game, same in Tomb Raider and I sniped my way through a lot of Destiny’s story mode.”


“DID SOMEONE SAY [THUNDERFURY, BLESSED BLADE OF THE WINDSEEKER]? But in all seriousness, I think the first weapon that made me say “Oh, this is so fucking cool” is Squall’s gunblade from Final Fantasy 8. I mean, it’s a gun and a blade at the same time. How can you NOT like it? The cool part is that when you did critical damage with him, he actually shot a bullet from his weapon while slashing the enemy. Practical, not at all. Cool as fuck? You know it.”

Catherine Ashley:

“GAHHHHHH. This is a hard question. I have a favorite weapon in pretty much any game that allows me to pew pew people/aliens/zombies/things to death.

BUT I’ve answered this question in two-parts: favorite weapon in the category of melee weapons, and favorite “ranged” weapon. The obvious answer for el melee category is the energy sword in Halo 2 and beyond. It’s (mostly) one-shot kill if you do it right, and you get to lunge towards your enemy. Couple that with a sniper rifle, or BR in Halo and you’re pretty much the deadliest Spartan out there (Fun Fact: there was one game in Halo:Reach that I dominated with the sniper rifle/energy sword combo on a forge map, and there was a dude that was getting so angry that he accused me of cheating, and that he was to report me to Microsoft lol).

As for ranged… I have to pick the RC-P90 from GoldenEye on the N64. Hands down, this was one of the best (and first) multiplayer shooters in memory. Having 3 other friends with you (in my case, my brother and his friends) in a battle frenzy was fun, and this gun was the tits. You had a stupid amount of ammo in it so basically all you had to accomplish was stop and spray when you encountered an enemy.”

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