Don’t look so distraught Gordon, Batman is here to save the day and he brought some friends with him!

In the newest trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight – “All Who Follow You”, we get a quick look at some of the new cast and combat style that allows the player to switch between characters, but I mean come on, you can be Batman why would you want to be anyone else… YOU CAN BE HARLEY!?!? Step aside Bats this looks like a job for Miss Quinzel!

From the look of this trailer it’s safe to say that the only fireworks we will be seeing on St-Jean de Baptiste will be the ones over Gotham. So punch, kick and batarang your boss into giving you the ENTIRE week off because you are the hero Gotham deserves.

Batman Arkham Knight: coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC – June 24th, 2015.