School is over for a majority of us and we finally are experiencing nice spring weather here in Montreal, which also means that we have some free time where we want to just relax on a terrace, at a park or go explore the world while (in my case and maybe yours too) reading lots of comics.

Fortunately for you, dear reader, I’ve concocted a little list of comics according to different tastes that you can read as a reward for this rough school year where you obviously had no time for comics or your dear old pal Netflix, or – if you are not a student, simply during your well-deserved days off of work. Here we go!

The Horror Fan will enjoy: Locke And Key

Published by IDW back in 2008, this serie is divided into six chapters (Welcome to Lovecraft, Head games, Crown of shadows, Keys to the kingdom, Clockworks and Alpha & Omega) and is written by the son of Stephen King himself: Joe Hill. Combined with Gabriel Rodriguez’s awesome artwork, Locke and Key has everything to be a good modern horror comic.

Locke and Key

Locke and Key by Joe Hlll and Gabriel Rodriguez


To be really brief, Locke and Key is centered around a mansion where the Locke family move in after a tragedy in their life. While the comic focus on the mythology of the magical keys crafted in demonic metal and the supernatural torments that they put the family in, it’s so much more than that. Filled with some really troubling and scary scenes, Locke and Key regrouped some amazing characters like the Locke Family (Tyler, Kinsey and Bode), Dogde (the demonic creature who once was human) and an unforgettable supporting cast which the serie wouldn’t be what it is without them.

Why you will love it: It’s chilling to see a pure evil villain tormenting the life of the Locke kids and their friends to acquire the keys and bring his plan to life. There are many jaw-dropping scenes and the art is simply breath-taking. When you finally think the gang has a break from the evil plans of Dogde, they get drag again in something much worse. Don’t expect a gore comic because it’s not. Although, I promise you fear and sadness (sorry) and a really good story.

For the one who seek something psychological or a classic: Batman The Killing Joke

Okay, first of all: big Batman fan over here *raises my hand*, so my opinion might be a little biased on this one. Written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Brian Bolland, this comic published in 1988 by DC Comics is a classic for every comic book lover. I’ll stop you right here if you don’t like dark because this comic definitely is. I didn’t put this comic in the horror category as it plays definitely more with your brain and it’s on the twisted and disturbing side of things. I don’t want to spoil anything for you (if you lived under a rock for the past twenty years and don’t know what happened in this comic) but the Joker commits an unspeakable crime and clearly doesn’t stop there.

Batman The Killing Joke

Batman The Killing Joke © DC Comics

Why you’ll love it: It’s one of the most brutally, yet most amazing Joker story ever written in my honest opinion.

For the romantic in you: Sex Criminals and Saga

Why two comics? Because I couldn’t decide between the two of them, that’s why! Both series are published by Image and if you haven’t figured out this one yet, I’m a big fan of non-marvel and non-dc comics even if I do like my classics.

Sex Criminals

Sex Criminals © Amalgam Comics

Why you’ll love Sex Criminals: Written by Matt Fraction and illustrated by Chip Zdarsky, this comic is about Suzy who is a totally normal girl who has this incredible ability: she stops time when she has sex. She used to think for a while she was the only one with this ability until she meets Jon, who has the same “super-power”. With their amazing gift, they decided what everyone is thinking about right now: to rob a bank to save a library from being demolished. I give you that it’s a bizarre concept, but it so much more than a “sex” comic. While exploring themes like how it can be hard to be in a relationship as well as depression. Sex Criminal is a gem and you’re welcome.


Saga © Image Comics

Why you’ll love Saga: First of all, it’s written by Brian K. Vaughan, which is the author of Y: The Last man, one of my favourite comics of all time. Saga is Romeo and Juliet in a sci-fi story with ghosts, a lying cat, magic and robots with a TV for head. More precisely, it’s about two soldiers from an opposite side of a never-ending war falling in love, come on! Who doesn’t like a good star-crossed lovers dramatic comedy? I highly recommend it and so do many other people as it has made its way to the top of the list of the best comics of 2014. Plus, the art by Fiona Staples is fantastic.

That’s it for me and I do hope you’ll go run to your nearest comic book shop (or come say hi at the one I work: Comic Hunter) to grab one of those comics!