Ladies, Gentlemen, Rainbow 6 enthusiasts… heck even any other FPS enthusiasts; on August 26, 2015 at 18:00 , Ubisoft will be hosting a Rainbow 6: Siege event at Montreal’s Peel Pub (1696 Peel, Montreal). So if you’ve got a team of 5 come on down and show your squads skill. If you are by yourself or only 2-4 teamates and worry you won’t be able to participate, HAVE NO FEAR as there will be team arranging on site (as best possible). All equipment will be provided.

Now to those thinking,

“I have not played this game and therefore cannot win #sadface”, DON’T FRET as the game has yet to be released so your experience with this game is for the most part on par with almost everyone else, which means pretty fair odds of obtaining that 5,000$ prize. Breach the tournament scene with some friends or just come have a cold one with other video game fans. This promises to be an entertaining event so come let the lead out.

Visit and follow the #R6GamesCA hashtag on Twitter for event news. And check out our previous article on the esports potential for this game.

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