Pink pugs, candle light, a timer, a series of questions and some questionable albeit witty answers… That pretty much sums up Hot Date, a dating sim by indie game developer George Batchelor. A fortunate last name for someone who made a dating sim.

“It’s about communication with strangers, asking questions and enduring their bored reluctance. It may highlight some harsh realities, but mostly it’s a celebration of awkward conversation. And of pugs.”

The premise of Hot Date is quite simple, you have a pug sitting in front of you and a set of questions to ask to said pug. Use the arrows on your keyboard to ask the questions and marvel and their answers which can range from narcissistic egomaniac all the way to self loathing hermit and everything in between, all of them as witty as the next. You really need to embrace the awkwardness when playing this game. The conversation can go in any direction and take you to places you didn’t think a pug could take you.

As far as dating sims go, this is the funnies I’ve played so far. I could really see myself playing this with a couple of friends just yelling out which questions to ask next.

Hot Date is available for the modest price of whatever you can afford. Head on over to George’s icht.io and get yourself a Hot Date.