Ubi Worskhop collaborated with renowed artist known as Coarse, Mark Landweh and Sven Wasch, to bring this stylized figure of Ezio Auditore da Firenze. We unboxed the figure while at Fan Expo.

This rotocasted vinyl figure stands 35.5 cm tall (14″) and is limited edition as only 200 units are available. You can pick up yours at Fan Expo at the Ubisoft booth and online on the Ubi Workshop store.


Girls on Games was invited by Ubisoft Canada to Toronto to attend Fan Expo 2015 and get an insider’s look at their upcoming releases. They graciously provided the team with travel and accommodations for the length of our stay.

The opinions expressed in the above article are that of the author, and have not been effected, edited or dictated by Ubisoft Canada’s involvement in any way.