Artists’ Alley is always my favourite place to explore at conventions. It’s full of beautifully crafted hand made art, trinkets, and memorabilia. If you can’t find an item you’re looking for in the Dealer’s Room, chances are you’ll be able to find a wonderfully unique item in the Artists’ Alley instead.

Here are 10 items that caught my eye at Fan Expo 2015.

1. These Fabulous Leggings

Affordable and really high quality, these leggings came in a variety of geeky styles.

Dragonball and Majora's Mask Leggings

Dragonball and Majora’s Mask Leggings by BDCreations.

2. These Adorable Keychains

They also come on headbands! I picked one of these guys up at Anime North 2015.

Octopus Keychains

Octopus Keychains by

3. These Wicked Dollz

Hand-painted and truly unique little works of art.

Wicked Dollz

Wicked Dollz by Noelle Hunt.

4. This Cute Stuffed Poro

Equipped with magnetic accessories!

Stuffed Poro

Stuffed Poro by Colourfy Me.

5. These Accessories For Your House

So many fandoms to choose from.

Fandom Goodies

Fandom Goodies by Zheana Designs.

6. This Horrifically Good Comic

What lurks behind the fence?

Gehenna: Death Valley Comic

Gehenna: Death Valley Comic by Becka Kinzie.

7. These Wicked Steven Universe Lanyards

Steven Universe Lanyards

Steven Universe Lanyards by Miss Jiru.

8. These Delicious Smelling Butterbeer Candles

For Harry Potter fans, or people want their house to smell like heaven.

Butterbeer Candles

Butterbeed Candles by Geek Studio.

9. These 8-Bit Cutting Boards

Probably the smoothest pieces of wood I’ve ever touched.

8-Bit Cutting Boards

8-Bit Cutting Boards by David A. Bramson.

10. These Adorable Eeveelution Prints

I wish these came in Plushie form.

Eeveelution Prints

Eeveelution Prints by Brown Rabbits.