I was very excited to learn that the new version of the regular size 3DS was finally being released in North America. I absolutely loved my previous 3DS which was sleek, light and portable. In this video, I compare the new model with the previous XL.

Spoiler alert: this console is big, as in barely smaller than the XL. If you look at the charts below, it confirms exactly just how much bigger and heavier the New 3DS is. It may not look like much on paper, but you definitely feel the difference in hand.

3DS comparison chart

Comparing the new 3DS consoles with the previous models. Images via Nintendo Japan.

At the 2:40 mark in the above video, you’ll see exactly how it compares in size with the previous 3DS XL.

What’s in the box?

  • The console (duh)
  • 2 sets of face plates
  • Instruction manual
  • Amiibo card
  • AR cards
  • Download code for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

In an effort to cut costs, the ac adapter has to be bought separately. Fortunately, it uses the same charger as the previous 3DS, 2DS and DS consoles. If you’re a long time gamer like I am, you probably have a few of them lying around the house already. If this is your first 3DS, don’t forget to pick up an AC adapter at the same time.

This model also has all the new features introduced with the XL: the face tracking 3D, Amiibo support, new button configuration, new controls (the C-stick and the new Z buttons), improved processing power and performance, improved camera and easy data sharing.

I quickly glance over the new features, but for a more in depth look at the new console and comparison with the previous model, check out our unboxing of the New 3DS XL:

For a demonstration on how to use Amiibos with the New 3DS consoles, check out this video:

So why get this one over the XL? 3 things:

  1. The weight: this console is 83 grams lighter, which again, may not seem like much but in hand, you’ll feel it.
  2. The size: even if it’s only slightly smaller by 1.4 cm x 1.3 cm, every millimeter counts when it comes to packing my small purse.
  3. The face plates: it may seem gimmicky to some but I love customizing my console. With the limited release of both versions of the New 3DS in North-America, these plates may be the only way to get it in the colour of your liking. Naturally, your old ones are not compatible with this version so you’ll have to restock. I demonstrate how to change the plates at the 3:30 mark in the video.

I’ve had this console for about a month now. I’ve gotten use to the size and weight and I’m really digging the improved performances and hardware changes. The Start and Select buttons are much easier to press now that they are on the right of the console and the new cartridge slot prevents accidental ejects. If you still have a working 3DS console, I don’t think that the upgrade is worth it as new games are still compatible with your system. If you need a new one or if some of the new features like the Amiibo support are a game changer for you, then you won’t be disappointed with the New 3DS.