Sailor Moon Drops

Sailor Moon Drops © Stephanie Lyell / Girls on Games

“The Sailor Guardians are cuter than ever as they take on their greatest challenge yet: Puzzles!”
Bandai Namco has outdone themselves with their new puzzle game Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Drops – The Japanese version of the game was released back in September of 2015, and was translated and released on the Canadian iTunes/Google Play stores this April (2016).

The GoG crew have officially become obsessed with this game. We have been talking about it for days, begging each other to send hearts, and spending long hours unlocking the new stages. This is one of the most addicting puzzle games you will ever play, and I promise you will love every second of it.

Sailor Moon Drops is available for both iPhone and Android, and is free to play with some in-app purchases.

How to Play:

The basis of the game is to clear pieces by matching 3 or more of the same colour vertically or horizontally. You can create special pieces by matching 4, 5 or 6 pieces at once. These special pieces can include:

Sailor Moon Drop Special Pieces

Sailor Moon Drops Special Pieces. © Bandai Namco

You can achieve even greater effects my swapping 2 special pieces side by side. There are many combinations, however here are a few of the most common:

Sailor Moon Drop Special Pieces Swapped

Sailor Moon Drops Special Pieces Swapped. © Bandai Namco

There are 135 levels of Sailor Moon Drop so far, that are sectioned off with Ribbon Blocks. Every Ribbon Block you must have 3 keys in order to unlock the block and proceed to the next batch of levels. You can receive keys by completing and collecting the key on the “Lace Stages” these levels have lace underneath the number buttons. If you do not have keys, you can either use 10 gems to unlock (costs real money) or by asking friends – you must have 3 friends vouch for you in order to unlock it.

Another great feature about Sailor Moon Drops are the special moves! Each sailor scout has their own special move, which can be unlocked at level 2 and can power up when reached the max level of 5.

Sailor Moon: Moon Tiara Action – Clears the gems around the radius of the power up
Sailor Mercury: Bubble Spray – Creates a “Popping” power up (see special pieces chart)
Sailor Mars: Evil Spirit – Creates a “Stripe” power up (see special pieces chart)
Sailor Jupiter : Supreme Thunder – Destroys 4-6 random gems
Sailor Venus: Crescent Beam – Destroys the horizontal row where the power up lays

Booster items can be purchased throughout the game, as well as won occasionally through events. You will start the game with boosters which give you the chance to see what they can do! These boosters can get you through those stubborn levels, and beat the game faster. These boosters can include:

Sailor Moon Drop Boosters

Sailor Moon Drops Boosters © Bandai Namco

This game does involve a ‘life system’. You have 5 hearts and if you lose a game you will have a heart taken away. You will receive a heart every 30 minutes, so if you play too fast you may end up having to wait a long period of time to play again. This is one downfall to the game, however I find this keeps the game a bit more suspenseful. If you add friends, you are able to give and receive hearts.

This game has been so much fun to play, and brings constant entertainment. The puzzles vary from easy to challenging – some levels have caused hours of frustration, but it always feels so rewarding to finally be able to beat them! The developers have really thought of everything. Every aspect of the game is so detailed, and resembles Sailor Moon perfectly.

If you are interested in playing with the GoG crew, feel free to add us. You will be able to give hearts to us, and receive them. As well as see where we stand on the leaderboard, and what level we are on the map. To add a friend either click the floating friend balloon that follows you along the map, or the menu arrow and click friend page. You will then need to click Search ID and type in the following:

StephanieLyell: ID# ww8c108d8
GoGLeah: ID# ww8678da9
Kelz: ID# ww444ec61
Alice: ID# ww1c5cbf1
Csdesbiens: ID# wweeffb3f