Minecraft Mondays: Adventure Maps

Minecraft Mondays: Adventure Maps © Girls on Games

Grab your pick, It’s time for an adventure! Every Monday for the month of June, there will be a new Minecraft Monday post. Learn about new adventure maps, texture packs, and maybe even a Minecraft DIY!

To start off Minecraft Monday we will be adventuring through the worlds of some classic tv shows, movies and even video game mash ups with these fan favourite adventure maps. Parkour through the world of Mario and Assassin’s Creed, adventure through the Land of Ooo and show off your Katniss skills – these maps will not disappoint!

1. Epic Jump Map 9 & 10: Ultimate Trolling by Bodil40

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Epic Jump Map Ultimate Trolling

Epic Jump Map: Ultimate Trolling © Bodil4o

This is by far one of the most popular jump maps, and it’s obvious why. The Epic Jump Map is filled with creative pixel art, bright colours, troll faces, and lots of quirky traps. Make your way through various parkour jumps, and keep your eye out for all the details hidden within the world. This map is by far one of the most fun, and yet most frustrating. It comes with a custom resource pack that will change blocks into troll faces, force you to fight enemies with popsicles, and allow you to regen health with a McDonald’s Big Mac.

2. Assassin’s Creep by Selib & DrChriz

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Assassin's Creep

Assassin’s Creep © Selib

With over 1,000,000 downloads, this map is dominating the parkour world. The main objective of the game is to find all nine wool blocks throughout the world. To obtain a wool block, you must complete objectives, which will then lead you into the final dungeon. This map is the perfect balance between adventure and parkour, and will make you fall in love all over again with the popular game Assassin’s Creed. This is a great map to play multiplayer – challenge your friends to play tag and see who finishes the parkour first.

3. Super Mario Galaxy by 99blockmaking

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Super Mario Minecraft Galaxy

Super Mario Minecraft Galaxy © 99blockmaking

Super Mario Galaxy has now come to Minecraft! Adventure through the seven galaxies in search of gold blocks to repower the Grand Star. This map is beautifully built and recreates the game perfectly into the minecraft world. Fight your way through skeletons in underground caves, large sand temples and swim through beach bowl galaxy for some fantastic surprises!

4. Hunger Games V2 by Avocio

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Hunger Games V2

Hunger Games V2 © Avocio

Hunger Games maps have been around for years in the Minecraft universe, however this is by far one of the best maps to use for your own private servers. It is fully equipped with a wired Cornucopia, a large scale timer is on display which is both toggle/reset able. Best of all, it’s designed for 24 players, which is a great way for streamers to play against their fans on a private based map. Scavenge through the world keeping low to avoid enemies, and beware of booby trapped chests. Don’t venture too far off or you’ll be blasted from the fully sealed dome!

5. Super Minecraft Bros – EJM: Mario Edition by Bodil40

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Super Minecraft Bros

Super Minecraft Bros © Bodil4o

The creator of Epic Jump Map: Ultimate Trolling is back at it again! This is a Mario themed full parkour map. Jump through pathways of Mario lucky blocks and reach the end to get to the castle and save the ‘princess’. This map is detailed all the way down to the green tubes and red mushrooms. Try to speed run through it and beat your best time, or even race against your friends. To play this map to its fullest, make sure you and your friends change your minecraft skins to match your favourite Mario characters!

6. Adventure Time Adventure Map by AaronDAYTON

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Adventure Time Adventure Map

Adventure Time Adventure Map © AaronDAYTON

Adventure time, c’mon grab your pick! You (Finn the Human) and Jake the Dog will be going on an adventure through the Land of Ooo where you will fight through challenges from actual television episodes such as: They went to the Nightosphere, Beautopia, Trouble in Lump Space, and more! This map also includes its own texture pack which will make sure every single block looks like it’s straight out of Ooo. This map already has over 200,000 downloads with maps 2, 3 & 4 already in the works.