Minecraft Mondays: Modpacks

Minecraft Mondays: Mod Packs © Girls on Games

Every once in awhile Minecraft Vanilla becomes… well, vanilla! It can become boring, and repetitive and needs a bit of spicing up with some sprinkles and a cherry on top! It’s time to introduce you to some mod packs that will enhance your minecraft experience and change your entire game play.

The simplicity and creativity of Minecraft is why we all love the game so much, however sometimes the game lacks in recipes to make your build feel like home. The furniture selection is quite sparse, and there are very little decorating options. Below are 2 modpacks that will change your builds completely: create a complete kitchen with a fridge and toaster with MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod or add a canopy bed and children’s toys with the DecoCraft Mod.

MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod

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This is one of the most popular mods on minecraft, bringing in over 40 unique pieces of furniture! It features complete kitchen appliances with working faucets, outdoor patio sets and pool accessories, a fully working bathroom shower, and even a computer and printer for your bedroom. MrCrayfish streams on Twitch as well as youtube, and does live streams asking fans what they’d like to see included in the pack. This mod offers furniture pieces you wouldn’t even think possible in minecraft: working lights, cookie jars that can be filled with cookies and replenished, large beach umbrellas and more.

MrCrayFish Kitchen

MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod © MrCrayfish


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DecoCraft is perfect for all the little knick-knacks needed to decorate your home. Create a medieval home with suits of armor, grandfather clocks, and full thanksgiving dinner complete with a roasted pig. A great feature about this mod is the hanging bridge. This is the perfect touch if you want to make a castle, or a house up in the trees. Personally, I am a huge fan of creating fairy/avatar themed cities up in the trees so these hanging bridges are a great find!

DecoCraft Mod

DecoCraft Mod © DecoCraft

A good location is the key to a great build. It can take hours to find the perfect spot to start building, and even then sometimes results in having to create your own land. Stop wasting time adventuring to find the perfect biome and check out this mod pack instead:

Biomes O’Plenty

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Biomes O’Plenty is filled with beautiful landscapes to fit any build. Create a dragon layer in Volcanic Island, or a treehouse in Tropical Island. My favourite biomes of this pack are: Cherry Blossom Grove (filled with beautiful cherry blossom trees creating an endless land of pink trees), Lush Swamp (ponds, overgrown trees, and animals roam this swamp. Perfect for a fairy garden) and Mystic Grove (purple water, and colorful trees, this biome feels like an alien get away on earth).

Mods come in all different styles, some add unique decorative touches, and some can transform the game completely. These next mods bring a unique twist to the typical minecraft game.

Mystic Grove

Mystic Grove © Biomes O’Plenty

Minecraft is very customizable, not only can you add details and new textures to the game, but you can change the game completely. Why not mash up your favourite video games into one?


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Pixelmon allows you to have all of your favourite Pokémons in the game with you! Try to catch em’ all with minecraft pokéballs while adventuring through the biomes, and learn how you can get them to evolve. You can create extreme builds such as the Pokémon water gym or training centres. This mod is a great change from vanilla and will bring hours of new fun


Pixelmon Characters © Pixelmon

Crazy Craft

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This mod pack is by far the ‘craziest’! It is packed with intense mobs with creepers ranging from 100-300 health. All of the mobs and bosses you once knew, are no longer the weaklings they were. They are strong and powerful, and will kill you just by looking at you. Okay, well maybe not THAT strong… but the witchery bosses do range up to 5,000 health! Crazy Craft is filled with some crazy adventures, and very unexpected objects creep around the world. It also features cameo creatures/objects from movies and other games. You may just find yourself blocked by a Tardis!

Crazy Craft

Crazy Craft Mystic Creature © Craft Craft