From pixel to polygon, from HD to VR: there can be no doubt that video games have surfaced as an all-encompassing art form that has pushed the limits of both creativity and technology. However, if a game’s visuals are its skin and clothes, the audio is its emotion and soul; game sound and music has evolved from beeps and boops to full-scale orchestrated scores offering a complete emotional experience, and melodies that will stick with us for a lifetime.

Leah Jewer and Catherine Smith-Desbiens of Girls on Games, along with artists Voyce* and Jess Abran, will be discussing how growing up alongside this evolution of gaming has inspired them as creators and coloured their music. With multiple performances by the Orchestre à Vents de Musiques de Films spanning several eras of music, and featuring original works by Sookz and both musical panelists, “Press Play: Every Gamer has a Music Story” will be an energetic evening of nostalgia, creative thought and, most importantly, them sweet, sweet gaming tunes.

Directed by Julian Stamboulieh
Conducted by Jocelyn Leblanc

Concert takes place July 9th, 2016 at Palais des Congrès.
Tickets can be purchased at MontrealComiccon.com
This concert will be completely bilingual French & English.