With Halloween just around the corner, it is time to find the perfect costume. For video game lovers, Halloween is a day where we get to dress up as our favourite character, and immerse ourselves in their worlds. We have a chance to pretend to slay dragons, parkour our way out of trouble, and fight evil along the way. Here is a list of some available costumes to start your Halloween shopping:

1. Link and Zelda – The Legend of Zelda

Get ready to defend Hyrule with this awesome Link and Zelda couple costumes. These costumes do come separately, and are so beautifully detailed. Don’t forget to pick up a sword and shield in case you come across Ganon on your Halloween adventures. Purchase: Link Costume or Zelda Costume

Zelda and Link

Link and Zelda © Spirit Halloween

2. Jessie and James – Pokemon

Want to be a part of Team Rocket? Now is your chance with these Jessie and James costumes! Be prepared to chase someone who is dressed as Pikachu, although we advise not to actually steal a real life Pikachu, as that is commonly known as kidnapping in the real world. Ha-ha! Purchase: Jessie Costume or James Costume

James and Jessie © Hot Topic

Jessie and James © Hot Topic

3. Ezio and Connor – Assassin’s Creed

Dress up as your favourite Assassins Creed character and parkour your way through Halloween. This costume may bring an excuse to jump on the tables during your next Halloween party. With the Assassin’s Creed movie release slowly approaching this is a great costume to pick up. Wear it to the movie premiere, and show your love for this great game! Purchase: Ezio Costume or Connor Costume

Assassins Creed Costume

Assassins Creed © Hot Topic & Spirit Halloween

4. Garona and Durotan – Warcraft

Prepare for war as Garona, the most brutal assassin in all of Dreanor, or fight to save your people as Durotan. The choice is yours! There has been tons of hype this year of Warcraft, so these costumes are perfect for Halloween. You may even come across some fellow Orcs, and can walk in a giant Orc pack! Purchase: Garona Costume or Durotan Costume


Warcraft © Spirit Halloween

5. Vault Dweller – Fallout

Escape into the vast lands of the Commonwealth with this Vault Dweller costume, available for both male and female. The vault suit is so well done, and even comes complete with a radiation filter wire to protect you from the rad storms, merciless raiders, and even a death claw. This may just be my halloween costume this year! Purchase: Female Vault Dweller or Male Vault Dweller



Fallout © Spirit Halloween

What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!