Welcome to Art Examination! A video series that explores video games as an art form with MissBiankadonk, professional gameplay animator and part-time streamer.

In this instalment she will be looking at Supergiant Games’ Transistor, and how its color palette helps to build an original environment.

“Creating new and interesting environments is half the battle when it comes video games. The game’s world should capture the player’s curiosity and drive them to explore more. Transistor, succeeds in this with its 2D isometric style, beautifully and subtly guiding the player on a journey through its hand painted textures, colour palette and mood.

My highest praise for Transistor is reserved for the hand painted textures and environmental design. These two elements compliment each other to, dare I say it, the point of perfection. Never once is there an area void of detail. There is so much to absorb in every area of the game. And yet, these details are never overwhelming or distracting to the player.

With all that being said, Transistor’s colour palette and mood will take your breath away. The game is set in the fictional city of Cloudbank and it does an excellent job of keeping things varied. The city’s different sections have their own distinct colour palette and mood. And despite the game’s plot, that mood manages to remain romantic and often times, blissful. These elements combine to draw the player in, teasing the reward for exploration and discovery.

There are so many moments in which players can get lost in the beauty of Transistor. A testament to, and yet another fantastic example that videogames are pieces of art. In fact, one of the greatest compliments that can be paid to this game lies in the fact that it does look like artist painted it and gave it life.”