This week’s episode features special guest Marissa Roberto! She’s a video game journalist, host of Xbox Canada’s community show #XboxAllForOne, has hosted events such as Northern Arena 2016 and For Honor’s #BattleForCanada and is the former anchor for EP Daily and Reviews on the Run. Marissa walks us through her career: from her journalism studies, to her first hosting gig all the way to today and her future plans. She also shares with us what she’s currently playing and her favourite video games.

This week in news: Montreal Comiccon 2017 line-up and events where announced and there will be esports involved as well as a huge part of the Watch Dogs 2 cast will be on site, the Zelda themed escape room is coming to Canada and a Naughty Dog artist is fighting bile with love by donating to Girls Make Games in the name of her trolls.

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