This week, we talk to the talented Patricia Summersett, an American Canadian voice and performance actor who’s recent roles include Princess Zelda in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Ash in Rainbow Six Siege and the Knight Warden in For Honor. Patricia shares with us how she fell in love with voice acting during her studies and how she landed her first gig in video games. She also walks us through the process of landing the role of Princess Zelda, keeping it a secret until the game’s release and how that experience has impacted her career. Patricia is also a singer songwriter so make sure to check out her band Summersett.

This week in news: Microsoft releases the specs for Project Scorpio, Atlus has some strict rules when it comes to streaming and let’s plays of Personna 5, a man loses 50 lbs playing a VR game and Zoe Quinn is publishing a book on how to deal with online abuse.

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