A little less than a year ago I was invited to offices of Mighty Cast, a tech startup here in Montreal who were working on a wearable that was blending tech, fashion and gaming. Being a fan of all three, I was super stoked to get to see an early demo of The Nex Band, a hackable smart bracelet. Fast forward to today, and I am now wearing the street release of The Nex Band.

To take you on this journey in testing wearable tech, both Catherine and I have spent a week with The Nex Band. Cat is sporting the black band, synced with her Samsung S7, while I am rocking the white band, linked with my iPhone 6. This gave Cat and I the chance to test out both smartphone operating systems that The Nex Band is advertised to work with. It also gives us a glance at the two colors to see which might fit your style.

In this video, we give you the pros, the cons and what were our favourite uses for the Nex Band.

Have you tried the Nex Band or any other wearable? Let us know what your experience has been in the comments below!

Update 24/04/2017: Pairing and connectivity issues on Android have been resolved in the latest update. Make sure to update the app, then the band’s firmware. It fixed all the issues experienced on the Samsung Galaxy S7 for us. If you’re still having issues, make sure to contact Nex Band support, they’ll be happy to help.

DISCLAIMER: The Nex Bands reviewed in this video were provided by Mighty Cast. The opinions expressed in the article above have not be affected by, dictated or edited in any way by the provider. For more information please see Girls on Games’ Code of Journalistic Ethics.