From frapuccinos to mobile games, the unicorn trend is starting to take over our lives! We’ve all been glittered bombed, and honestly, I’m not complaining! We’ve decided to jump on the Unicorn bandwagon and have compiled a list of unicorn themed mobile games you can play while waiting in that long line at Starbucks.

1. Robot Unicorn Attack 1, 2 & 3

The release of the third game is what sparked this entire post, so of course we had to mention it as #1 in the list! I must admit that I am a little disappointed I couldn’t find an awesome trailer for the new game, like the previous game (shown above). However, Robot Unicorn Attack is an incredible endless runner arcade game you don’t want to miss out on! Collect gems as you run through the 2 worlds and try to beat your daily and community goals! You can unlock different boost abilities as you level up, and customize your unicorn with different bodies, manes, wings, horns and tails. Also, The music is INCREDIBLE. Honestly, I don’t even need to say anything more about this game – Go download it, I promise you it’s worth checking out. iOS and Android

2. Flappy Super Unicorn

Flappy Super Unicorn

Flappy Super Unicorn (Screenshot by  Stephanie Lyell/Girls on Games)

This game is pretty self explanatory. If you’ve ever played Flappy Bird you will understand the objective Flappy Super Unicorn. Tap your unicorn to guide it through the pastel rainbow world. If you hit the crystal poles, your unicorn dies. I must embarrassingly admit that it look me far too long just to get through the first phase since my unicorn horn kept hitting every crystal! You definitely have to be precise as you guide your unicorn through the crystal maze! You are able to buy power ups as levels progress, and ultimately try to beat your score after every painful death. I absolutely love the look of this game. My love for pastels and unicorns made me download this app instantly! Availabe on iOS and Android

3. Flappy Frappy Unicorn

Flappy Frappy Unicorn

Flappy Frappy Unicorn (screenshot by Stephanie Lyell/Girls on Games)

Although this game has “Flappy” in the title, it is a bit different than the typical Flappy Bird style gameplay. Instead of flying, your pixel block unicorn is gliding along a yellow ledge (cue instant singing of yellow brick road). You must jump over hurdles, avoid potholes and any obstacles along your way. This game is extremely frustrating as timing is everything; you must jump at a precise moment or else your unicorn is obliterated. Let me know what stage you get up to! I am so close to throwing my phone across the room from this game. One of the big downsides are the ads. In the middle of game play an annoying ad would pop up about a different game. Although my frustration may have got the best of me with this game, I still think it’s a great game and worth the download! Only on iOS.

4. Peggle & Peggle 2

Peggle 2

Peggle 2 (via Popcap Games)

Peggle features a variety of mythical creatures however Bjorn the Unicorn is the first and main character in the series! (Bjorn has also made a cameo in Plants vs Zombies #CelebrityUnicorn) Peggle is definitely one of those addictive puzzle games you can’t put down. The objective is to shoot the silver balls at different pegs in the level. Every level has a different ‘goal’ whether it be to clear all the orange pegs, break and catch mythical eggs, or simply break the wall of pegs to land your ball into a basket. Peggle 2 also features a multiplayer duel mode which lets you compete against a player on the same board and take turns trying to complete goals to see who is the ultimate Peggle champion. This is a great game to play on an airplane with a friend, or a casual couch co-op. Available iOS and Android

Some unicorns will be hurt in the following game, prepare your rainbow hearts. It’s about to get messy!

5. Unicorn Hunt-er Elite Snipe-r Shoot-er

Unicorn Hunt-er Elite Snipe-r Shoot-er

Unicorn Hunt-er Elite Snipe-r Shoot-er (Screenshot by Stephanie Lyell/Girls on Games)

If you can get past the annoying ads, this game is actually quite hilarious. It’s not very well made, and there is an ad pop-up seemingly every 10 seconds, but the whole concept just cracks me up. The sole objective of this game is to snipe Unicorns. Simply aim at the Unicorns, and shoot away. I will admit I’m a little upset they used red blood splatters and not silver, but I’ll let that slide, I suppose. If you’ve longed to be a Unicorn hunter, or a Lord Voldermort fan, I think the Unicorn Hunter Elite Sniper is the game for you! *Disclaimer for Harry Potter fans: Killing unicorns in this game does not grant you any magical powers, or acts as a cure from death. Use at your own risk. Only on iOS