Mixer & Minecraft: A Match Made in Heaven

Oh Canada, do we have an exclusive scoop for you!

Mixer’s founders, Matt Salsamendi and James Boehm have a history with Minecraft. After meeting one another in-game, Matt and James co-founded MCProHosting, one of the most widely used hosting services for Minecraft servers. It only seems right that their newest venture, Mixer, sees some Minecraft love too, right? Right. Cue the good news.

On October 23rd Mixer Interactive 2.0 comes to Minecraft. That’s right, you’ll be able to tap into the powers of one of Mixer’s cornerstone features: options that allow viewers to interact with broadcasters and their streams and let your community alter your Minecraft realm WHILE you stream. From spawning mobs to changing the weather, any Minecraft command can be made into an interactive button that your viewers can spend sparks on to either hinder OR help you as you play.  

For more information about how to set up your own interactive Minecraft stream, take a look at this handy step by step guide from the team over at Mixer.

On top of Interactive integration, the team at Mixer has added livestreaming functionality (directly to Mixer) from the mobile Minecraft app using Mixer Create, the site’s own mobile streaming app. Now you can mine on the go (and share it with everyone) with the touch of a button. Livestreaming from the Minecraft app will include camera (with front facing toggle), microphone and on-screen chat.

It gets better, these shiny new features will be available to everyone when the Beta sessions launch this week. Players will be able to opt-in on Windows 10 using the Insider hub and Android users will need to navigate to the Google Play store to opt-in and begin their download on October 23rd. Xbox players can expect an update later in the week.

Happy mining!