How powerful is the Xbox One X you ask? While most of us are trying to figure out what a teraflop is, it’s hard to judge the power of a console and its effects on your body.

Xbox Canada steps in with the answer. They flew me to Toronto for a day of rest and relaxation mixed with an intense 20 minutes of gaming. My vitals were monitored while I tested out the new Xbox One X at the Xbox Game Lab.

After a quick flight from Montreal to downtown Toronto, I arrived at the venue which was decked out in Xbox branding. There was a large black door leading to the game testing area, an Xbox One X under glass, and a chill zone, complete with food, drink, massages and oxygen bar. After partaking in a massage and some good conversation with the Xbox reps and other attendees, it was time to go get hooked up and try the Xbox One X.

Four people were in each testing session. I knew two of my test mates, Carl-Edwin and Camille from Northern Arena. We had the choice of 2 games to play: Forza Motorsport 7 or Gears of War 4. I went for the shooter. We were then fitted with a brain wave measuring device that sits on your forehead like a crown, and a heart rate and breath monitor that attached to your clavicle. Each of the individual sized testing rooms were equipped with a large 4k television (I cannot remember the actual dimensions), surround sound, an Xbox One X console and a monitor that would show your brainwave activity. It immediately turned on when I sat down into the chair and I could see my brain working right away. I played Gears for 15 minutes and all along I could see out of the corner of my eye the different color waves playing across the screen.

Once our time was up, and all the medical devices were removed, I was told the results of my play session. The results showed that playing Gears of War 4 presented the equivalent stimulation as swimming with sharks!

After spending some more time enjoying the chill zone, I walked away from the event with an awesome piece of art that represented the statistics from my play session, and an Xbox One X.

I have to hand it to the Xbox Canada team for organizing such an interesting and fun PR event. I am sure my brain gets the same kind of stimulation no matter what game I am playing or on any console, However this was definitely a fun way to experience a new product before release. Now, time to go play some more Gears of War 4 on my new Xbox One X.