Julian Stamboulieh, Co-Creator and Director of LARPs the Series, joins us this week to talk about his latest brainchild: Heroic Portrait. Heroic Portrait is a cosbounding project where he and his co-host and co-creator Catherine Vincelli create a series of cosbounding photoshoots based on video game characters. Each step of the process – costume, makeup, photoshoot and photo editing – is documented and shared across various platforms such as Youtube, Instagram and Twitch. Julian talks us through the project itself, the first series of photos, what’s coming up next for Heroic Portrait and more.

Next round of Heroic Portrait starts on February 2nd, 2018 so make sure to follow Beanduck Productions on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

This week in news: Xbox Game Pass announcement: how Microsoft is getting ready for life after consoles, Looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077 and R.I.P. Miitomo.

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