Since I was a kid, monsters in videos games have always been a fascination for me, so when the new Monster Hunter World game came out with its gorgeous capturable creatures, it was a “HECK YA” for me. I knew I needed to make the flagship monster Nergigante just because of how colorful yet aggro it is.

The biggest challenge for this project was to keep it under 10$ of materials so I needed to stretch my polymer clay and remove as much excess as possible. I will post the final budget down below.

As with all sculptures, the base is always MEGA ugly, but you just need to build on that. If I wanted to save more money, I should have bulked the body with aluminum foil rather than polymer clay…but for some reason my brain totally didn’t think of that at that time *derp*.

the hand fell off….grrrr


Baking the piece is a challenge! Here you can see me putting foil paper on all the pieces that could potentially fall from their weight.

After the first bake, I added the tail and wings. It is looking awesome!


The biggest frustration about putting this piece together was baking. Sometimes you need to pray to the baking gods that your pieces don’t fall apart. The first bake went well, but the second bake…not so well; the foot broke off for some odd reason.

Painting this piece was SO much fun (no sarcasm). I love the vibrant colors that contrast with the black!

Spray-Painted the primer


Overall, this project took me about 18 hours to sculpt and paint. The total material cost was 9.67$, but if I wanted to count hours at minimum wage (let’s say 8$US), the actual cost of the sculpture would be 144$+ materials, for a total of: 153.67$. Next time you see a handmade piece, be sure to consider the artist’s time too!

Materials used:

  • Sculpey polymer clay
  • Foil paper
  • Sculpting wire
  • Liquid Sculpey
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Normal Oven

What is your favorite Monster Hunter World monster?