Let’s take a hop, a blip and a jump into this week’s episode of the GoGCast! Our guest is Jared Petty, host at Kinda Funny but also the creator of many wonderful projects including Hop, Blip, and a Jump which is diary-documentary video series about how everything is games is connected, Red Dead Radio which is a podcast on – you guessed it – Read Dead Redemption and Pockets Full of Soup, a storytelling show about the people who help us make us who we are. Jared also wrote for EA and IGN. We chat with Jared about his passion for games, his current projects, and more.

This week in news: Runescape Classic is shutting down after 20 years, Fallout: Cascadia is a fan project looking to bring nature back to the wasteland, Far Cry 5’s first DLC is coming in early June and Fortnite is providing 100 million dollars in prize pools for esports events in 2018 and 2019.

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