We enjoy a good farming simulation game here at Girls on Games and we decided to discuss what we love about the genre and break down what makes a good farming game. From Harvest Moon to Stardew Valley and to genre adjacent games like Forager and Fantasy life, we share our favourite games and which upcoming titles we are most excited to play.

What’s everyone playing? (00:02:09)
Anthem demo first impressions (00:12:51)
This week in news (00:28:56)
Nintendo’s Switch Sold Better In The US In 2018 Than Any Console Since In Three Years (00:28:56)
Game developers’ open communication with the community with Nintendo announcing and explaining the delays for Metroid Prime 4 and Bioware addressing the Anthem demo issues (00:33:10)
Trailer Released for A Plague Tale: Innocence (00:37:02)
Farming Simulator announces their esport league (00:42:26)
Topic of the show: Farming Simulation and Genre Adjacent Games (00:48:30)
Outro and wrap-up (01:25:00)

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