We are at the point in the life cycle of the current generation of systems where rumours about what comes next are starting to pop up. What will the 9th generation look like? Will we still have traditional consoles as we know them? We discuss the current rumours and make our predictions. Plus, we have first impressions of Far Cry New Dawn and round-up the latest Nintendo Direct.

What’s Everyone Playing? (00:02:27)
Anthem (10 hour trial) (00:13:17)
Far Cry New Dawn First Impressions (00:23:37)

This Week in News (00:30:00)
Telltale alumni form Adhoc Studios (00:30:00)
Nintendo Direct Round-up (00:35:45)

Topic: The Next Generation of Consoles (00:49:30)

Outro and Wrap-up (01:26:35)

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