E3 2019 is almost upon us and it’s time to cast our predictions! The actual Netflix of games? A new Xbox console teased? Dragon Age 4? Dare we say it: Animal Crossing on Switch?! Predictions, wishful thinking, call it what you like but we discuss which announcements and major trends we think will come from E3 2019.

What’s Everyone Playing? (00:04:03)

This Week in News (00:22:22)

Microsoft brings Xbox Game Pass to PC and Xbox Studio games are coming to Steam (00:22:22)
Cuphead heading to… Tesla (00:28:51)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare details and trailer (00:31:56)
The Rainbow Six Canada Nationals are heading to EGLX (00:36:14)
Google Stadia info coming on the 6th (00:37:58)

Topic: E3 2019 Predictions (00:40:00)

Outro and Wrap-up (01:15:50)

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