Kate Dollarhyde of Obsidian Entertainment joins us for this episode of the GoGCast. She talks about her career, her work games, the importance of bringing marginalised identities to mainstream games, and how she approached writing Parvati, a darling character in The Outer Worlds

Also, Cat attended MEGA 2019 in Montreal and discovered news games, and Ali reports back from GeekGirlCon. Plus, Leah and Simon review Pokémon Sword and Shield and Ali shares her first impressions of Sparklite.

Crew Check-in

What is Everyone Playing? (00:29:03)

  • Pokémon Sword and Shield Review (00:29:03)
  • Sparklite First Impressions (00:41:50)

This Week’s News (00:45:27)

This Week’s Topic: Interview with Kate Dollarhyde (00:57:36)

Outro and Wrap-up (01:20:35)

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