You asked them, we answered them! To celebrate our 250th episode, we answer your burning questions about the show, about us, about video games and more! Thank you to everyone that submitted a question, recorded or through comments, Twitter or Discord. Plus, we break down the tech sheets of the Xbox One Series X and PlayStation 5, and discuss all the games we’re playing while we wait for Animal Crossing New Horizons.

250 episodes is quite the milestone for our little podcast and we’re stoked to have you with us on this journey, sharing our love for video games. Cheers, gamers! To 250 more! 🎉

What is Everyone Playing? (00:23:48)

  • Hidden Through Time 1st impressions (00:30:50)
  • Dungeon Drafters 1st impressions (00:35:30)
  • Call of Duty Warzones (00:37:13)

This Week’s News (00:42:11)

This Week’s Topic: Ask Us Anything (00:57:16)

Outro and Wrap-up (01:39:57)

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