It’s time for our favourite episode of the year, that’s right, it’s our Holiday Game Night! Grab a drink and some snacks and play along with us. Cat brings Super Steam Reviews where you have to guess which game is being reviewed. We guess Famous Video Games Quotes with Joelle and the Best Selling Games Per Console with Simon. Finally, Leah brings a Holiday edition of Walk Down Memory Card Lane based on the crew’s birthdays.

What is Everyone Playing? (00:16:16)

This Week’s Topic: Game Night! (00:30:03)

  • Cat: Super Steam Reviews (00:30:03)
  • Joelle: Famous Video Game Quotes (00:41:00)
  • Simon: Best Selling Game Per Console (00:46:20)
  • Leah: Walk Down Memory Card Lane – Holiday edition (00:53:57)

Outro and Wrap-up (01:07:11)

We’ll also be taking a break for the Holidays, the GoGCast will be back in early January. Have fun, be safe and we’ll see you in 2024.

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