Looking for the hottest and geekiest locations in Montreal?

Whether you are in town for Montreal Comiccon this weekend or at any other point in time, Girls on Games has your exclusive on the hottest Geek Spots in the city. Below is a list of go-to places and spaces where you’ll be sure to indulge in one, or several, of your geek and gaming fantasies.


Foonzo is the most fun you’ll ever have playing video games while hanging out in a lounge style basement stocked full of your favorite (and not so favorite) consoles. If you want to have a drink and mingle with other gamers to talk shop or compare stats, or play video games until you can’t see straight, this is the place to be! Be sure to give them a call and reserve bottle service for the weekend, they will most likely have a lot of local and visiting fans of their gaming themed establishment.

1245 Rue Drummond, Montréal, QC H3G 1V8
(514) 507-7955

Manga The

Mangas and tea? Tea and Mangas? sounds like a match made in geek heaven and guess what? It sure is. This beautiful Manga book store has everything you want and need PLUS some lovely tea to quench your thirst. Browsing or buying, this hot spot is not to be missed by those who hold Manga (and tea?) close to their heart.

2011 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC H2X 3K8
(514) 439-9339


Cafe Chimera is a mélange (that’s french for “mix”) of caffeine and board games. From Carcassonne to Munchkin, this one stop hot spot has everything you need for a relaxing day or evening of laughter, board games and coffee (laughter may or may not be included.) It’s a little outside of the downtown core but worth the treck. Google map it or check out their website for more information.

Cafe Chimera – Closed as of Nov. 16th
5768 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal, QC H4A 1W8
(514) 508-0880

(UPDATE: Management announced on Nov 16th that the Café is closing… We’re sad to hear so. For those of you looking for a place to try boardgames, check out Pub Ludique Randolph at 2041 St-Denis however because it is a pub, the venue is 18+. More info at randolph.ca)

L'valet de coeur

L’Valet de Coeur is a great place to check out for your geekiest of collections, from card games to figurines, it has everything you need and will inspire you to want more! With a knowledgeable staff, this bustling environment of geekdom is fine tuned to make sure you get all the information you require about whichever game, figure, puzzle, etc., you so desire.

L’Valet de Cœur
4408 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC H2J 2L1
(514) 499-9970



Not only is Drawn and Quarterly the place to go to get comics and graphic novels of all genres but it’s actually recognized internationally for the quality of it’s publishing. As described by Time magazine it is “the most elegant comics publisher in North America.” From humble beginnings  as a single-issue magazine, Drawn and Quarterly has come a long way and is a force of literary art not to be reckoned with. Go there!

Drawn and Quarterly
211 Bernard Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H2T 2K5 ‎



The Geekatorium is a fairly new boutique, specializing in clothing, jewelry and accessories, for all of you pop culture/geek fashionista’s looking for the latest trend in Geekwear. Stop in to treat yourself to style and flare before hitting any of the other locations where you can show off your new trendy geek fashion-faux!

4323 rue Saint-Denis
(2e étage)
Montréal, QC, H2J 2K9
Métro: Mont Royal



The Montreal Science Centre is a hub for geek culture. With it’s four permanent exhibits and one temporary exhibit, it spoils geeks of all ages. Want to save the world from a lack of natural resources? social injustice? or natural disasters? Hit up Mission Gaya. Want to learn to how a journalist comes up with a story, edits and plubishes their work? Check out IDTV. Want to learn about science? Hit up the Montreal Science Centre. Loaded with a days worth of fun for the family, it’s a g0-to based on it’s content alone (not to mention It’s also along the water in the old port.) Can you say take in the view while taking in science? I sure can and I have!

Montreal Science Centre
2 Rue de la Commune Ouest, Montreal, QC
514-496-4724 or 1-877-496-4724


For all further information on locations, as well as events pertaining to said locations, please visit their respective websites.

Happy Geek-ing


(Photo Credit: official Facebook pages and Web sites)