If you’ve followed Leah’s recommendations for 6 Great Geek Documentaries On Canadian Netflix, you might have watched Indie Game: The Movie. Yesterday, one of the developers featured in said doc took to Twitter to put to rest any rumours about a sequel to Fez:

But not all is lost as Team Meat of Super Meat Boy fame – also featured in Indie Game: The Movie –  just released a very creepy and cryptic teaser for an upcoming project called A Voyeur For September, seen above.

Studio co-founder Edmund McMillen posted on his blog that more details will be given at the upcoming PAX and that until then, Mew-Genics is on hold. If you’re unfamiliar with Mew-Genics, here’s is the trailer in all its glory:

What is Team Meat cooking and what could be more important in this day and age than a game about CATS? Does that mean that Mew-Genics will be pushed back to 2015?