I’ll be honest, I have always been a big fan of Logitech hardware. Be it mices, keyboards or headsets; they always come out with reliable, durable and well built equipment. Heck! I’ve used a G9 mouse for about 5 years now and it has given me plenty of hours of gaming; worry free. So when I went on the market for a new keyboard, I knew that I wanted to try out a Logitech. I did my research and tried a few different models before getting my hands on the G710+. Here are my thoughts on it.

Weighing In

Right away, you know you’re dealing with the real thing simply by the sheer weight of the keyboard. You’d think it wouldn’t matter, but lightweight keyboards tend to be more fragile. In my opinion, the heavier; the better (Wish it was the same when it comes to me…). Mechanical keyboards are always heavier than regular ones simply because of the technology involved in making mechanical switches. It is required in order to make sure those keys keep clicking away! Speaking of keys, the 710+ is sporting the Cherry MX Brown variety, making the keyboard less “clicky”, but a whole lot more quiet. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first. Having used the MX Black and MX Red in the past, I was very used to the sound and feel. However, I didn’t have any issues switching to MX Brown and it felt just as satisfying when gaming and typing. I also enjoyed the wrist pad which I think is a component often overlooked by many manufacturers nowadays. It is solid and does not feel like it is going to break in half when I lift the keyboard off my desk.

Logitech G710+

Source: logitech.com

I come from the feature

The G710+ has anything you would want in a keyboard: plenty of macro buttons (now a staple for Logitech), media keys, volume control, USB connector, and backlight adjustment buttons. That is actually one of the interesting and rather unique feature of the G710+: you have the option of backlighting only the WASD and arrow keys rather than the whole thing. I personally find it is rather pointless because my fingers are always on WASD, but the option is there! You can also control the intensity of the backlighting, which I find very useful, especially for those of us who wear glasses. I found that putting the maximum intensity was giving me issues in darker games. The keyboard was so bright that it would actually put a glare at the bottom of my glasses; making it hard for me to focus. I lowered it to the minimum and it was perfect. There is also just the perfect amount of macro keys and you can switch between different setup on the fly. You can program up to 18 macro configs which is way more than I have ever used. I also appreciate that it comes with a built-in cable management system for headphones. You can actually plug it in the keyboard itself and tuck in the wire under using the little grooves with grip that keeps everything in place.

Logitech G710+ (Back)

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The Logitech G710+ is a fantastic keyboard. It is well built, sturdy as hell and has all the features a gamer would want and more. The price point is even great. A keyboard this good ranging around the $120 mark when on special is more than affordable for any self-respecting gamer. It is probably the best keyboard I have ever used and I probably will not change it for a loooong time.



  • Great build quality
  • A lot of features
  • Attention to detail
  • Fair price


  • Some people might not like the Cherry MX Brown switches