imgur user nintendotwizer is selling his entire game collection of 5700+ titles and 50+ systems. You read that right. Here’s what he wrote on Ebay:

5700+ games. Over 4000 from Nintendo. The majority from the golden age of gaming (1980’s – 1990’s) Multiple complete sets from Nintendo and Sega. Arguably every single retail (on store shelves) game released from Nintendo between 1985-2000 is represented here. That’s just scratching the surface with many more from Sega, Atari, Playstation, Xbox and Turbografx. Including multiple systems (some modded), (every single N64 color variant) and custom hand built and painted shelves. Complete in Box Mario and Zelda sets. I’m not looking to break this up, I’m selling as one amazing lot.

And he’s not kidding. Check out these photos and a video presenting the whole collection:

We’re talking about every licensed game for the NES, SNES, GameCube, original Gameboy and N64, some Homebrew titles, a complete Virtual Boy set, a complete Sega Master System set, Atari 2600 and 7800 titles as well as a pick of games for PSOne, PS2, PS3 and Xbox. And it’s not just games, he’s also selling his consoles like the oiginal NES and an Atari 7800! There’s also memorabilia like the covers of the first and last Nintendo Power issues, framed together. Click here for the collection’s master list.

It’s a treasure trove for any classic gamer! How much is this whole thing going for? $164,000 USD. Yep, for a 164,000 bones you can buyout the Ebay auction and own the whole thing. If you have that kind of money or want to stalk this auction, click here.

I wish I could afford to buy this whole thing and to own a house big enough to house this magical collection. A girl can dream.