The gaming world is huge. Between websites, Twitter, Facebook and all other platforms of exchange, keeping up with the ins and out of all things gaming-related is impossible. So we’re going to round-up quirky, interesting and breaking news of the (mostly) gaming persuasion for you to enjoy every week.




Fan remakes entire Empire Strikes Back movie

The Empire Strikes Back Uncut features 480 fan-made segments selected from over 1,500 submissions. This remake features all walks of styles and filmmaking techniques, including live action, animation, and stop-motion. Check out out below! (Catherine SD)

Fear Not, Unity Isn’t Up for Sale


Unity - Via ModDB

Unity – Via ModDB


Unity, a self-described game development ecosystem, had been rumoured to have been sold, much to the chagrin of independent developers everywhere. Unity is a game engine that gives users accessibility to all the tools required to create and publish their own 2D-3D video games. Backed by a strong community willing to share knowledge and tips about game development, the loss of such a venue would have been tantamount. However, co-founder and CTO Joachim Ante dispelled rumours in the Unity blog:

“We always wanted to make a game engine that is accessible to everyone – to give customers an equal chance to develop great games and compete with larger players. In other words, democratise game development… So to sum up, we have no plan to sell Unity”.

There ya go. Everyone can breathe easy now that Unity won’t go all Mojang on everyone and fall prey to the seductive allure of giant corporations.

via EuroGamer. (Catherine Ashley)


World of Warcraft Sees Subscription Spikes


World of Warcraft Logo

World of Warcraft via Blizzard Entertainment

Azeroth is a busy place, and according to Blizzard it’s getting busier by the day. A recent press release announced that the game’s player base has seen a growth of 600,000 as of the end of September. Bringing the subscription numbers to an impressive 7.4 million, just in time for Warlords of Draenor’s release on November 13th. (Alicia Alexandra) 


First Look at Firefly Online

Firefly fans are a resilient bunch, and all their dedication is finally being rewarded. Firefly Online developer QmX has released a sneak peak of the game’s 3D environment engine (including sound clips from Captain Mal himself.) Check out the video below, it’s pretty shiny. (Alicia Alexandra)

Resident Evil: The Television Series


Umbrella Corp - Image Via FanPop

Umbrella Corp – Image Via FanPop

German-based production company Constantin has bought the rights to the Resident Evil franchise, in the hopes of bringing it to life for the first time on television. Production will likely begin after the final movie, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, wraps up. As being one of the first horror games I ever played as a kid, I am beyond excited for this to go live. Now if they would only release more info… via The Escapist (Catherine Ashley)

What do we Want? HALF-LIFE 3! When do we Want it? NOW!

Half-Life mega fans, Kyle Mazzei and Chris Salem are on a mission. The pair have put together a “We Want Half-Life 3” IndieGoGo campaign to fund a guerrilla advertising project showing Valve just how badly they want the next installment in the Half-Life series. The plan includes an AdWord campaign, Gabe Newell look-a-likes and a concert. Um, good luck? (Alicia Alexandra)


Games Games Games

Don’t Miss Out on the Alpha/Omega Demo!


Pokémon ORAS

Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire via The Pokemon Company

Do you want to get in on the Pokémon Alpha Ruby and Omega Sapphire demo? Then you better sign up for the Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter and account. The October email blast (to be sent out on the 21st of this month) will contain a code redeemable in the eShop that will give you access to the demo and an early tour of Hoenn. (Alicia Alexandra)

Lego Batman 3 Presents: The Conan O’Brien Show!

The newly released trailer for upcoming Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham has arrived and is sending all the appropriate hype for us to enjoy. Not only will Stephen Amell himself  in the game, but they’re also bringing in creative genius Kevin Smith and Finnish President doppelgänger Conan O’brien! Check out the trailer below for a behind-the-scenes look at Batman’s next adventure! (Catherine Ashley)

New Runescape Spin-Off Announced

Chronicle- Runescape Legends via JAGEX

Chronicle- Runescape Legends via JAGEX

JAGEX has revealed that their fantasy MMO giant Runescape is going the World of Warcraft way by releasing a spin-off card-based game Chronicle: Runescape Legends. The card game is set to release sometime in 2015 and will include quest building, RPG elements and epic fights against known Runescape bosses. It was announced at the RuneFest festival and will be available for Mac, PC and on tablets/mobiles. For more information, head over here!
Via Cambridge News.
(Catherine Ashley)

Another Week, Another Minecraft Build

Man, the true beauty of Minecraft lies in it’s versatility. As we’ve posted in the last few weeks, you can basically do whatever the hell you want in the game. Mind you, you have to have some architectural talent, not to mention creativity and time. But still. It’s always appreciated when someone put’s together something wicked. This weeks build is even more impressive because someone built Portal out of the basic Minecraft game from LagMaster163 . Check out his impressive creation below! – via VG247

(Catherine Ashley)

Magic: The Gathering Getting the Board Game Treatment


MTG via WarpComics

MTG via WarpComics

MTG fans, rejoice! Also, people who find MTG too complicated, rejoice as well! Actually, everybody rejoice! Wizards of the Coast made a special announcement during last week’s Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir, revealing that they are developping an MTG board game coming out in Fall 2015. You’ll get to play as one of your favourite Planeswalkers on the plane of Shandalar. I think this *may* be the game that’ll put Munchkin aside for a while. If you want more info, check out The Escapists write-up!

6 Years, 100 000 Players, 10 000 Fights in One League of Legend’s Video.

The New York Times posted a pretty neat video of a 10 000 fights in LoL, all in 30 seconds. I don’t play the game, but I must say: I’m impressed. Check it out below! (Catherine Dumont)

Welcome to Skywind

Skywind is a fan-made Skyrim mod intent on rebuilding the world of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

using the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim engine. The project is on-going and has made some awesome progress, all showcased on their official YouTube page. Their latest undertaking is an area called The West Gash. Check out the trailer below! (Alicia Alexandra)


Massive Day One Update for the Master Chief Collection.


MCC - Image via Halo Waypoint

MCC – Image via Halo Waypoint


Looking forward to November 11th when Master Chief will hop into the Xbox One? You better find something to do while the game is installing because this is going to be a lonnnnnnnng one. You’ll have to download a day-one 20GB update to get the full MCC experience; for those of you buying a digital copy of the game, that’s on top of your initial 45GB download. But there’s a silver lining; you’ll be able to play the campaign while the update installs.
Microsoft’s statement (via Kotaku):

“From the start, our philosophy has been to give Halo fans the best possible experience and not compromise the quality or features of the collection. The result is that Halo: The Master Chief Collection will take up almost all of the usable space of a single Blu-ray (45 GB), and we will also issue a content update at launch that is estimated to be 20 GB. You’ll be able to start playing Campaign and more as the content is installing, with some features and multiplayer content being added via the update. Yes, the update is large, but we weren’t about to cut corners to save disc space. This ensures that you are getting every bit of Halo goodness we can fit in. Our work is not done, however, as we continue to tune, tweak and optimize the online experience to ensure a smooth multiplayer launch. This will continue right up until launch day”

Whatever. I guess I’ll listen to the Halo 2 Remastered soundtrack while I wait. No biggie.(Catherine Ashley) 

Culture in Gaming

This weeks Culture in Gaming is mostly on #GamerGate because, well, as it marches on, it’s progressively worsening. What began as an open dialogue concerning journalistic integrity has mutated into something far greater, and far more dangerous than what was assumedly intended.
Vice writes up an interesting editorial asking a very serious and critical question: “Does Someone Have to Actually Die Before GamerGate Calms Down”, especially in light of the recent threat Anita Sarkeesian received. Slated to speak at Utah State University, she was forced to cancel it due to threats of a “Montreal Massacre style attack”.  The anonymous individual who sent the letter cited Western feminism as their motivation and not gamergate; however, much of the toxicity emerging from the wider discussion is, in fact, a backlash against modern feminism. Many of those who’ve been attacked with threats and vitriol have been prominent women in gaming. Ms. Sarkeesian has spoken out on gamergate itself, stating to Rolling Stone magazine “we have a problem and we’re gonna fix this”.
Though not discussing gamergate, Child of Light lead programmer Brie Code attempted to answer  what women want in video games during a presentation at Toronto’s Gamercamp festival is interesting nonetheless. Tackling such a question, she muses, is difficult because women aren’t monolithic; their wants and needs in gaming cannot be accounted for under generalized ideas. Check’s coverage of it over here. (Catherine Ashley & Alicia Alexandra)



“Holy mackerel! It’s right there!”
Christmas has come early for this dude. With heavy breathing, and shaking hands, the guy over at OpenBooster opened up a 1993 Alpha starter pack only to reveal the infamous Black Lotus card which can be sold up to $30000 (if kept in mint condition). The reason why this card is so rare is because the Alpha set is the first run released in Magic: The Gathering. It’s estimated that there are only 1,100 copies printed. Man, it sucks summer is over. I’d go from garage sale to garage sale, hoping grandma put it in a giant box priced at $1.00 for its entirety. Check the video below in all it’s glory (via Kotaku).

Now THAT, my friends, is a reaction. (Catherine Ashley)

Guns ‘n Tacos

I don’t have satellite. To watch anything, I rely on Netflix, Xbox rental service and the occasional questionable download site. While I may constantly be one step behind on shows, the one thing I don’t have to worry about is commercials. So when I stumbled upon this commercial the other day, I was excited, confused and had an ounce of longing. Then I came to my senses and remembered how much commercials suck. Anyways, I don’t know if this airs in Canada or not,or on t.v for that matter, but here is Taco Bell’s Destiny commercial. Yup, Taco Bell joins forces with Playstation to simultaneously make you hungry and want to shoot shit. (Catherine Ashley)


Good ol’ Uncle Rahool has a Message for You

The latest patch brings a surprises to kiddies (i.e. people like me) still lamenting the loss of the loot cave. Check out the video to see what I mean.

Forever gone, but never forgotten (Catherine Ashley)