Catherine Ashley

Quantum Break Screenshot from Microsoft Studios / Remedy Entertainment

The Next Step in Transmedia – Quantum Break Review

In a time where the way we consume mass media is increasingly varied and hybrid, it’s no surprise that Remedy Entertainment tried to be innovative in its newest title. Quantum Break is a transmedia project come to life, integrating short live action episodes with gameplay. While the premise is original and exciting, the execution wasn’t as refined as I’d of hoped.... Read More >
PlayStation Dualshock 4 Controller. Photo © Catherine Smith-Desbiens / Girls on Games

OPINION: The Democratization of Video Games in 2015

The gaming industry and community is constantly in flux and flow; ever changing the way it interacts with, and constructs itself through the medium. As technology and communication continuously develops and reinvents itself, one of the more beneficial and progressive transformations has been the democratization of video games. This has been an ongoing process for the last decade or so, but as part of the obligatory reflection that ensues at the year-end, I feel as if this movement to communize the industry really flourished in this year.... Read More >
Master Chief - Image by 343Industries

Halo 5: Guardians – A Paragon of FPS

Be warned: may be spoilerish. I’ve waited a couple of days after the game was actually launched to finish up my review. It’s now Wednesday and all I can say is: Halo is back, and if 343 can keep this up, then we’ll be reminded over and over why the Halo franchise is the powerhouse that it is. ... Read More >

Catherine Ashley

Senior Feature Writer

Cat Ashley is an aspiring Anthropologist killin’ it in her final year at Concordia University. She’s a student by day, waitress by night and gamer in between. From her humble beginnings playing Wolfenstein 3D on the SNES, her love for FPS’ isn’t dwindled since. She’s a fanatic for anything horror, sci-fi and fantasy related. Oh, and she used to believe she’d become Sailor Moon when she turned 14. Catherine works with the Internal Community Development team over at Ubisoft. While she has many opinions, none of the them reflect Ubisoft. Only her own. Don't like her opinions? It's all on her.