Montreal is filled to the brim with talent, especially that of the video game variety. Our city’s indie developers are worthy of and in need of our support to help make great games. That’s why Girls on Games wants to share the latest local gaming projects with you.

First up is: Holobunnies. Developped by Q-Bit games, Holobunnies is a side-scrolling exploration game brought to life with downright adorable pixel art. Players will control one of 4 available characters and make their way through 6 unique levels in the world of Pandemonium, battling bosses and monsters along the way.

“Whatever is happening in the world at that moment doesn’t appear to be truly important to our little friends, the Holobunnies. Something more crucial is happening. Something they couldn’t possibly be prepared for…”

Supporting 2 player local co-op and even a 4 player brawl mode, Holobunnies seems like a  perfect game to dive into with friends, while a large selection of companion pets, and the ability to customize items and Holobunnies will appeal to the RPG fan in every gamer. Top that off with a soundtrack (recorded in-house) that is chiptune inspired, dramatic and catchy, this project should hop it’s way onto your radar.

Check out Q-Bit Games’ official website for more information and updates. You can also vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.

Next is: Epic Manager: Create Your Own Adventuring Agency developed by ManaVoid Entertainment. Epic Manager is a creative take on the Tycoon-style gameplay we’re all familiar with. It will span 100+ map locations, hundreds of random encounters and events, 16 different character classes and a engaging timing-based combat system.

“This game is a fresh new take on a genre we all know and love! We want our players to explore a living world with hundreds of random encounters, events and quests that forge an emergent narrative with your choices, making your playthrough different every single time!”

Epic Manager’s fleshed out world and global events and calender are setting it up to be an addictive addition to your every-day gaming library, while the wide selection of character classes to recruit and skills to hone are shaping up to be a strategist’s dream.

Check out ManaVoid Entertainment’s official website for more information and updates.