Today, Eidos Montreal unveiled the engine they will be using for the upcoming Deus Ex: Universe. Taken from their official announcement:

“The studio has been hard at work, and we’re proud to announce today Dawn Engine™, our game engine designed exclusively for PCs and the new generation of consoles. In the past, we’ve relied on existing engines for our games. But in the end, we found that our creative vision was somehow limited. So we decided it was time for us to invest in creating an engine tailored for our needs” (via Eidos Montréal)

Dawn Engine

Along with the statement, they released the first official screenshot for the game, using the newly minted Dawn Engine. Warning, it looks amazing!

They also confirmed that, even though the title could be misleading, Deus Ex is NOT an MMO and it was never intended for it to be one. Effectively shutting down the rumors that had been running around the internet. This strikes a particular strong chord with me, as Deus Ex: Human Revolution is one of my favorite games of all time. I’m super excited about what’s to come and the future of the franchise. I can’t wait to kick some augmented ass!