Playstation 20th Anniversary

To celebrate PlayStation’s 20th anniversary, we take a look at our favorite PlayStation games.

Final Fantasy 9

Final Fantasy 9 Wiki

Alicia Alexandra: Final Fantasy IX

When I played Final Fantasy IX for the first time I was captivated by the story in a way that I had yet to experience with other games. I got so caught up in the world of Gaia and the lives of Zidane and co. that I started replaying the game the day I finished it and have revisited the title many times since. To this day, it’s my favorite installment in the Final Fantasy series. From the crazily detailed world to the gorgeous cutscenes and A+ storytelling, each part of FF IX stands out to me as a mini masterpiece. Also: Vivi. Enough said.


Twisted Metal 2

Simon Marcoux: Twisted Metal 2

My favorite PlayStation game has to be Twisted Metal 2. I remember staying over at my friend’s house way too late at night, trying to unlock all the cars and missions, dying over and over trying to beat Minion or simply to blow up the Eiffel tower. The graphics we’re mind blowing and the controls we’re sick!  I’m still looking for its spiritual successor, but so far nothing has come close to the fun I had playing it.


Final Fantasy 7

Catherine Smith-Desbiens: Final Fantasy VII

My first PlayStation game was Final Fantasy VII. I didn’t have a SNES and we only had puzzle games and sidescrollers on NES. This was my first contact with the franchise and the JRPG genre. It was also one of the first game I played that was entirely in 3D and I remember being blown away by the graphics. It was also the first time I was truly heartbroken by a game’s storyline (R.I.P. Aerith). I first played it on PC but I loved it so much that I got the PS version as soon as I got a PlayStation system. I didn’t have a PSOne; I played FF7, 8 and 9 on the PS2. I completed each of them at least twice. Who else remembers reaching a critical point in the story, you’re on the edge of your seat and… “Please insert Disc 2”. I would dive for the case and switch the discs as fast as I could.


Katamari Damacy

Leah Jewer: Katamari Damacy

We were a Nintendo household, so I didn’t get into PlayStation until the PS2. But once I had my hands on a DualShock 2 controller I could not look back! RPGs and platformers were on the top of my fave games list with Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts but I have this special love for Katamari Damacy. The concept is just so damn foolish, rolling around your katamari, collecting as many objects to grow you snowball-like ball as big as possible! The wonky physics when you pick up some odd shaped object like a pencil or a whale are hilarious. And best of all, what a soundtrack! I had the OST on my computer and discman (yeah it was a while ago) to listen to wherever I would go and it always put me in a good mood. 🙂


Chrono Cross

Catherine Dumont: Chrono Cross

So *technically* this isn’t my favourite PlayStation game and but it was the one of the games that I regretted leaving out of my top 15 childhood-defining video games. Nonetheless, Chrono Cross was probably my favourite JRPG as an 11-12 year. I had played its predecessor a few times on the SNES (I use the word played very lightly since I was way too young back in ‘95 to really grasp what I was doing. My dad would do most of the work). I was drawn to both games ‘cause they revolved around young children. And magic. And parallel worlds (for Chrono Cross, at least). And role playing. And bad dudes. Basically everything you’d want as a kid. ‘Tis was back in day before Squaresoft merged with Enix. The game was flashy, my brother and I would fight over it, and it fed into my lingering obsession of ‘90’s anime. I guess you can call this my FF, since I never really played the latter. Anyways, for any of those who played the game let’s reminisce with “Reminiscence” (HA!)


So, do you guys  agree? Did we miss any? What are your favorite games? Hit us up on Facebook and Twitter with your favorites!