The Speed Demo Archive’s annual charity event AGDQ concluded last Friday. The community came together and managed to raise a whopping 1.5 million dollars for cancer research, breaking last year’s record of 1 million dollars. For those who have no idea about what I just said, AGDQ is an annual, week-long charity drive where people from all over the world come together and complete their favorite games as fast as they can. It is truly impressive to watch them mix clever mechanics and pure raw talent to achieve amazing results. I couldn’t watch them all over the weekend, but I’ve compiled for you guys a few must watch runs that are both impressive and mesmerizing.


Ocarina of Time blindfolded first 3 dungeons:

 The end of Tetris Grandmaster 3 with invisible blocks:

Banjo Kazooie with Grant Kirkhope on Skype

I wanna be the Boshy