While we’re used to our neighbours across the border having some journalistic hiccups, Quebec’s own TVA recently made a mistake of Fox News proportions while covering the recent attacks on Paris.

This is a bit old, as it aired on January 9th, but how it passed under the ever-watchful radar of the internet is beyond me. The video, which was shown on a prominent Quebec news outlet, accidentally used an image from Metal Gear Solid 2 while discussing the hostage situation that had transpired in a factory in Dammartin-en-Goële, France. Here’s a youtube clip of segment uploaded by BaIN031:

For those who don’t speak la langue française, the rough translation goes as such:

“It’s a reenactment scene of the hostage situation inside the factory estate in which the hostage was communicating with the police while hidden in a box.”

The baddy from MGS 2 is supposed to represent of one of the Kouachi brothers while Snake-In-A-Box is the hostage victim. Here’s the original image:

Metal Gear Solid 2

Metal Gear Solid 2

Obviously, the context of the story is as far from funny as funny can be, but this… snafu on TVA’s part is slightly comical.